Divyam Surabhi (Divya Topa) is a Creator and Maker (Artist, Curator, Author, Designer, Potter).

She teaches the combination of Creativity, Art, Meditation and Peace. Techniques on living a Qualitative Life.

Curating Ceramics and Restaurants. Creating Products in Ceramic. Publishing about Conscious Humankind. Bringing the Industry Together. Supporting the Artist and the Scientific.

Divya has worked as a graphic/web designer and ceramic creator. She is a curator and author.

Her first contact with meditation was during her design education at NIFT, New Delhi.

She practiced Zen and Vipassana for a few years before discovering meditation for herself. Taking Osho sannyas and jumping into the new life – travelling and meditating for many years. Her travels brought her back to design and art through pottery.

She returned to Delhi in 2015, after 10 years of travelling inside and outside. She completed her spiritual journey and has returned to her home town to work in Art, Ceramics, Design, Technology and Business etc.

Divya lives most of the year in Delhi and part of it in Dharamshala. She has setup a ceramic/pottery studio called Talking Clay (www.talkingclay.in) in both the city and the village.

She supports and shares through her teachings. She also expresses herself through painting, poetry and ikebana.