Restaurants & Ceramics

This year Divyam is –

Curating Ceramics and Restaurants. Creating Products in Ceramic. Publishing about Conscious Humankind. Bringing the Industry Together. Supporting the Artist and the Scientific.

Project and Event –

RACU: Restaurants and Ceramics Universal 2018

Ceramics and Restaurants are part of one industry. We hope for more handmade ceramics in speciality restaurants.

We are human. We are curators, chefs, ceramic artists/designers, potters, technologists, restaurants, restaurant staff, restaurant owners at peace. In the business of making and spreading peace, harmony, unity, equality, kindness, compassion through this project RACU.

We are also creating balance in the universe. This is not a NGO or Non-Profit Organization.

It’s a luxury to have handcrafted ceramics and food.
We are choosing, to keep the prices affordable.

This is a project celebrating restaurants and ceramics coming together as part of one industry.